Silicon with Cl2 3


Platinum with 3000 Å SiO2 hard mask. Argon, Cl2, RIE turbo pump, heated chuck, rate ~1000 Å/minute. Temperature – 90C, Selectivity (Pt:SiO2) = 20:1


Platinum – same sample, but a square mesa

Papers/ Applications Notes

Copper Etch
Trion Tool: Minilock-Phantom III RIE
“Copper processing has specific challenges with respect to etching because it requires low volatility for CuClx (for chlorine etching) species, it has a high oxidation rate, and it does not self-passivate. The industry has conducted many tests to address these issues, and Trion has developed a “formula” that works. …” Read the full article >>

Gold and Platinum Etch
Trion Tool: Minilock-Phantom III RIE
“The etch rate tends to increase at higher temperature, but finding a suitable photoresist mask that will hold up to the intense process is difficult. The following has been found to be suitable for the high temperature process: …” Read the full article >>

Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) Source
Trion Tool: DRIE System; Minilock-Phantom III RIE (optional); Oracle Plasma Etch & Deposition System (optional); Phantom III RIE (optional)
“In conventional RIE the plasma density is limited by the method of coupling RF energy into the plasma. This limits the rates at which certain materials can be etched or deposited. This problem becomes particularly acute at reduced pressures where, with the efficiency of an RIE, the plasma density can become prohibitively low. …” Read the full article >>