Phantom RIE ICP

The Phantom Reactive Ion Etcher (RIE) with Inductively Coupled Plasma Source (ICP) is designed to supply research and failure analysis laboratories with state-of-the-art plasma etch capability using single wafers, dies or parts using fluorine and oxygen based chemistries. The system has a compact, modular design built on a space-saving platform.

Trion’s carefully engineered ICP is a proven option for applications requiring a downstream, high-density plasma source. It dramatically reduces radiation damage and contamination from RIE sputtering and greatly increases selectivity to other films. It allows for higher plasma densities as power is transferred into the bulk plasma via the magnetic field resultant from inductive coupling. This enables processing at lower pressure, which has a number of significant benefits. It allows for tight anisotropy in high aspect ratio structures and reduces microloading effect. Trion’s ICP source will result in improved etch rates, profile control, uniformity and selectivity with a dramatic reduction in RIE radiation damage. The ICP comes with a 600 or 1250 watt, 13.56 MHz power supply and a built in automatic matching network.

“This will be my fourth acquisition of a Reactive Ion Etch tool with Trion Technology. I just want you to know that this affirms our confidence in your products. My experience with Trion Technology since 1991 has always been positive. Every Trion tool that I have had the pleasure of acquiring from you has performed satisfactorily with unsurpassed reliability. I would like for you to know that your service department has also been very helpful to our staff when it comes to service and maintenance issues. These performance factors will always keep us as a Trion customer.” – P.N.

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