Apollo Stripper

Apollo Stripper

Apollo Stripper

The cost of new stripping systems has escalated to unreasonable levels. Trion has solved this critical problem. The Apollo Stripper is a compact, inexpensive, and versatile system which can be configured for a 200mm or 300mm Chuck. By employing RF bias power, difficult to remove layers of resist can be removed at low temperatures. As required by application, this system can incorporate a microwave source (which is both reliable and free from typical microwave tuning problems) or ICP technology.

Apollo Stripper Brochure

Stripper CHARM® 2 Report and Wafer Maps

  • Etch rates up to 6um/min
  • High throughput
  • Low plasma damage
  • Automatic tuning
  • 100mm to 300mm wafers
  • Small footprint
  • Competitively priced

View the Apollo and Gemini in Action!

The [Apollo] system is working in production almost a year, with close to zero down time (single event of particles released from the Viton O-Rings that were de-composed — I changed the O-Rings and clean and it went back to normal). They only clean the chamber and it runs and runs!” – Trion Customer (Israel)


MEMS, Compound Semiconductor, Pilot Line Production.


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