Phantom RIE

Phantom III RIE

Phantom III RIE

The Phantom RIE is designed to supply research and failure analysis laboratories with state-of-the-art plasma etch capability using single wafers, dies or parts using fluorine and oxygen based chemistries. The system has a compact, modular design built on a space-saving platform.

“Frankly, the Phantom has been a GREAT machine since I have been a user. For this machine that has been at least 10 years. This Phantom was purchased originally by Philips where I used to work. The Phantom has followed me to Sipex and now Exar. I can’t imagine living without it. It has been one of the best made and reliable plasma etchers I have used in my over 20-year career.” – Don Breedlove, Failure Analysis Engineer, Exar Corporation.

View Phantom RIE at University of Alberta – nanoFAB Fabrication & Characterization Facility

“We have been using your refurbished/upgraded plasma/RIE tool now for several months and it works great. Thank you. … Please go to to check out our video of how we are using your tool.” – Eric Shiffer, Tech II, Inc.

View Phantom RIE at Tech III, Inc. For Researching Glass Coating on Plastic

“I am deputy director of Institute of Electric Power Engineering, Electronics and Nano-technologies, North Caucasus Federal University, Stavropol, Russia. I wanted to express my gratitude to the staff of Trion Technology for supplied equipment. Me and my colleagues are completely satisfied with work results of Phantom III RIE. The software is beyond praise. The device can be compared with AK-47 assault rifle, i.e. simple, logical, functional, and effective. I will recommend Trion equipment to my colleagues in other universities.” – Vitaly Tarala, NCFU, Russia

“The Trion [Phantom RIE] unit is exceptional. We are thoroughly delighted with it, and it remains the workhorse and centerpiece of all our work. Indeed, should the need arise this year; we would immediately turn to Trion for our etcher needs.” – T.G.


MEMS, Solid State Lighting, Failure Analysis, Research & Development, Pilot Line.

Fluorine Etch Processes

(SF6, CF4, CHF3, O2)
  • Carbon
  • Epoxy
  • InSb
  • Ir
  • Mo
  • Nb
  • OxyNitride
    • Polyimide
    • Pr (e.g: SiLK or SU8)
    • Quartz
    • Si
    • Si02
    • Si3N4
    • SiC
      • Ta
      • TaN
      • TiW
      • TiN
      • W

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