Minilock – Phantom RIE

Minilock – Phantom RIE

The Minilock – Phantom RIE is a Reactive Ion Etch system with a vacuum loadlock. The Loadlock allows the main chamber to continue pumping whilst a sample is loaded, or unloaded, and is ideal for toxic gas chemistries.

The system is highly configurable with such options as a ICP, and endpoint.

“We have just placed an order for two more Trions. That will make four systems in our facility. We have two RIE’s currently, a Minilock and a Phantom III. We just ordered an ICP-RIE and a PECVD system which are being put into production as we speak. We love your systems and even more we love the support we get from Trion Technology. Have a great day!” – Bruce E. Tolleson, Rochester Institute of Technology

View the Minilock in action!


Compound Semiconductor, Failure Analysis, Research & Development, Pilot Line.

Corrosive Chemistry Etch

(Cl2, BCl3, SiCl4, HBr, NF3, etc.)
    • AlGaAs
    • Au
    • Carbon
    • Cr
    • Cu
    • GaN
    • GaAs
    • InAIGaN
    • InGaAs
    • InGaN
    • InP
    • LED MQMs
  • Polysilicon
  • PT
  • Si
  • SiC
  • Ti
  • Pr and other organic materials

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