Trion Technology, Inc. has been the largest domestic US supplier of custom plasma etch and deposition equipment for over 25 years. We also have a significant presence in Asia, with equipment in Japan, Taiwan, the Philippines, China, Malaysia, and Singapore.

Trion manufactures a wide variety of systems for the compound semiconductor, MEMS, opto-electronics, and other markets. Our products feature the smallest footprint and lowest-cost systems in the industry, with proven production reliability. If you wish for anything from full-blown production cluster tools to a simple laboratory system, Trion makes it.

Mission Statement

To provide the semiconductor industry with state-of-the-art processing equipment at a reasonable cost.


  • Innovative, state-of-the-art design
  • Simple modular designs
  • Reasonably priced
  • Advanced process support laboratories
  • Reliable equipment backed by a fast, responsive service team


Trions customers include almost all the major semiconductor firms, many US government agencies, as well as the majority of US universities.

We have sales and service offices in the United States, Canada, China, Israel, Korea, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand.

About The Founder

Mr. Addison (Randy) Crockett - Trion TechnologyMr. Addison (Randy) Crockett has over 30 years of semiconductor equipment design experience. Prior to founding Trion Technology, Mr. Crockett served as R&D and Applications Manager for Tegal Corporation and was a co-founder of Matrix Integrated Systems, serving as Vice President of R&D and Engineering. Mr. Crockett has personally designed eleven systems for plasma-based processes, including four systems for high-volume front-end production.

Trion Arizona – Corporate & Research

Trion Arizona
Trion Arizona
Trion Arizona


  • To fully test, demonstrate, and utilize Trion equipment in a production environment
  • To provide a complete solution to our customers
  • To develop new process technologies in a production environment
  • To provide a full measure of process support to our customers
  • To advance the state-of-the-art

About The Premises:

  • 16,000 sq. ft. facility
  • 3000 sq. ft. clean room
    • R&D lab
    • Advanced sample lab
  • Parts depot

Trion Florida – Manufacturing

Trion Florida - Manufacturing Building
Trion Florida - Manufacturing Engineer
Trion Florida - Manufacturing Machine

    • 10,000 sq. ft. facility
    • Sales headquarters
    • Equipment engineering and reliability lab
    • Computer programming lab
    • Machine assembly line
    • Dedicated clean room for final test
    • Service office
    • Parts depot

Trion Florida – On Site Machine Shop

Trion Florida Shop Building
Trion Florida Shop Inside
Trion Florida Shop Matsuura
Trion Florida Shop Surface Mount Valve Blocks

    • 12,000 sq. ft. facility
    • Automated machine shop
      • Water cutter
      • 3 CNC lathes
      • 3 CNC vertical mills
      • 1 Dual table horizontal mill
      • Stir weld capability
  • Manual machine shop for quick turn R&D
    • 2 CNC manual vertical mills
    • 3 Manual lathes
  • Anodizing line

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