Handling reaction by-products of plasma etching

Plasma ashing is the process of removing the photoresist from an etched wafer. Using a plasma source, a monatomic reactive species is generated. Oxygen or fluorine are the most common reactive species. The reactive species combines with the photoresist to form ash which is removed with a vacuum pump.

Photoresist Stripper Descum Application Note

“The descum operation of the Trion Photoresist Stripping platform was characterized, exploring the effects of various factors.

To complete this task, a series of runs were made in an effort to obtain relationships of non-uniformity and ash rate versus run length, power, pressure, oxygen flow, chuck temperature, DC bias, and photoresist coverage. The data was taken by varying each parameter above and below an optimized descum process. The conditions of this recipe were …”

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Stripper CHARM®-2 Report and Wafer Maps by Wafer Charging Monitors, Inc.
“The following is a summary of your CHARM®-2 experiment. It includes the results obtained with the CHARM®-2 UV, potential, and charge-flux sensors…”

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