Posted by trion on Jun 18, 2001

200th machine ships.


Posted by trion on Dec 18, 2000

Corporate and Research Headquarters - Trion ArizonaTrion delivers the first fully-automated systems for high volume production.

Trion sets up a fully equipped lab for demo and process development in Tempe.

Trion purchases and moves into new, larger facilities on South 52nd Street in Tempe.

Posted by trion on Jun 9, 2000

150th machine ships.


Posted by trion on Apr 18, 1998

Trion introduces the Oracle, a flexible, low-cost turnkey cluster tool capable of supporting independent process reaction chambers for etch, deposition and sputtering of chlorinated or fluorinated chemistries.


Posted by trion on Jul 18, 1997

Trion expands into a new facility on Park Lane in Tempe.


Posted by trion on Nov 11, 1996

Trion expands sales and services offices in Europe and Asia.

Posted by trion on Jun 18, 1996

50th machine ships.


Posted by trion on May 19, 1995

Trion begins manufacturing and service of the Orion PECVD system and Phantom RIE tool to semiconductor research and development companies, universities and foundries.


Posted by trion on Aug 25, 1994

Trion begins a joint development project with SEMATECH on liquid source silicon nitride, elimination of silane for safety concerns.

Trion relocates to Tempe, Arizona.

Posted by trion on Mar 5, 1994

25th machine ships.