Field Upgrade - AC Distribution Module

The newly redesigned Trion Technology AC distribution module makes use of a printed circuit board to house the various components and thus eliminates 90% of the wiring that had been required previously. This increases the reliability and durability of the module.
The design now also incorporates MOVs (metal-oxide varistors) to give the circuitry surge protection. The new design increases the single-phase outlet connectors from four to six to more readily power the various components used on the system such as turbo pumps, RF generators, etc. Each of the six outlets has its own dedicated fuse.
A new single 24Vdc power supply capable of delivering up to 500Watts has replaced two independent power supplies. This is an increase of about 250Watts. In addition, there are now six output connectors for the 24Vdc power. This allows easier and cleaner cabling to power the various devices that need 24Vdc on the tool.
The AC distribution can be built up in either single-phase or three-phase configurations, depending on the power requirements for the equipment on the tool.
ACD Upgrade
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