Interview with Mr. Crockett, Founder of Trion Technology for SEMICON West 2009

Clearwater, FL, USA, July 10, 2009 – Mr. Addison Crockett, founder of Trion Technology, a manufacturer of plasma etch, strip and deposition systems for critical surfaces in the semiconductor and related industries, is interviewed shortly before the commencement of SEMICON West 2009:


Can you speak about your company’s experience and expertise in the semiconductor industry?


This is Trion’s 20th year anniversary and we have been a debt free and profitable company that entire period. Trion began as a premier manufacturer of small laboratory and failure analysis plasma etch and deposition equipment. Also, it has been one of the few companies willing to design custom equipment. Within the past several years, we have successfully transitioned into a supplier of low cost production equipment in the photonics and compound semiconductor markets.


Can you talk about the products/services you will be showcasing at SEMICON 2009?


Of the various system types that we produce, we are showcasing our production resist stripper, the Apollo and our production etch platform, the Titan. Both of these systems have very small footprints and cost of ownership. The common philosophy behind all our systems is simplicity. Both of these platforms are currently in production facilities around the world.


Can you define and explain for us the specific applications for your products offerings?


As I discussed earlier, the Apollo is predominantly used as a resist stripper. But it also has applications wherever low device damage is essential. The Titan has been designed and characterized for the production of advanced photonics and compound semiconductor. Specifically, the etch of GaN, Quantum wells and structures for the manufacture of high brightness LEDs. Within the III-V market the system is capable of the etch and deposition of various layers used in RF power devices currently used in telecommunication.


Can you discuss how your company’s products and services fit in to the current challenging economic landscape – why they make economic sense today and in the coming years?


Over the years, semiconductor equipment has continuously grown in size, complexity and price. This is not Trion’s philosophy. We have been successful in keeping our systems small, simple and economic without sacrificing technology. This allows the users in emerging markets to afford new equipment when they would otherwise be forced to purchase old, obsolete systems from the used market. By keeping the designs simple, Trion offers its customers the competitive advantage of upgrading their fabs with state-of-the-art technology at an affordable cost. This is essential in this uncertain economic environment.


For more information about Trion Technology, visit www.triontech.com.

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