Trion lands multiple orders from Advanced Chip Engineering Technology, Inc. (ACET)

Clearwater, FL, USA, Tuesday, August 7, 2007 – Trion Technology announces the sale of multiple dual-chamber strippers for advanced packaging to Advanced Chip Engineering Technology, Inc. (ACET) of Taiwan. The systems will be used for the removal of polymers used within the advanced packaging of semiconductor devices.


Graham Muir, Trion’s VP Sales, stated: “We are very pleased to be chosen as a supplier of choice to ACE. The compact design of the Trion stripper fits neatly into the cost of ownership requirements of advanced packaging and in combination with the excellent services of our local representative Jetel Co., Inc., we are confident of continued success in this market in Taiwan.”


“About Trion: Founded in 1989, Trion Technology Inc of Clearwater, FL, USA supplies a variety of plasma etch and deposition equipment for the manufacturing of compound semiconductors, MEMS, and optoelectronics. Trion’s products feature the smallest footprint and lowest cost systems in the industry with proven production reliability.


About ACE: Established in 2000, Advanced Chip Engineering Technology Inc. (ACET) is a leading technologies company that integrates IC back-end manufacturing processes by using wafer level processes. They focus on the development and manufacturing of wafer level packaging, testing, burn-in and assembly etc. ACET own the technologies and patents on the wafer level packaging, wafer level burn-in circuit, wafer level probe card for final testing and new type burn-in socket for CSP/BGA package. ACET has strong teams on both the development and manufacturing in IC semiconductor field that provide excellent service to their customers.

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